About Falls River Eco Luxury

    Once a meeting place for indigenous people

    Once a picnic spot for early settlers

    Once the home to Jimmy Possum and his famous hollow tree

    Now your very own eco tourism showpiece

    The real attraction at Falls River is the magnificent waterfall

    The falls are 72 metres wide and drop down 10 metres in five places to a stone pool, about half the size of an Olympic swimming pool and pretty deep

    Enjoy a walk to the base of the falls or relax on the deck and soak up the view and atmosphere

    Falls River offers luxurious accommodation with a spectacular panorama and unfettered privacy

    Think reading a book while enjoying the calming sound of the waterfall. Think nothing and take the opportunity to re-energise and re-vitalise. Sit and relax in an outdoor spa area while romancing your partner. You deserve it and you know you need it.

    Falls River is almost a secret, or should be. Where else could you throw a picnic blanket and swim at the base of a natural waterfall while experiencing the epitome of comfort and luxury.